I like to wear your tights and masterbate with them on while i think of you, I like to wear them while i watch tv and the smell of you all over them is such a turn on makes me so horny,  I also like to wear them while I masterbate over your pictures.
I'll have a look at your site monday or tuesday i always go on there to see what you have done to it so far and look around the site, you make me so horny too while i'm on it. You are so sexy with your tights on giving me a hard on thinking about it :)
Wish we could meet up you, and my girlfriend would love to go down on you and have some fun ;)



Mike has started a group for tights and pantyhose lovers, why not give it a look and start chatting. There's lots of free pics, but remember to put your own ones on there in return.



















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