Here's the gorgeous and very naughty Ricky and in his own words

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I have long fantasized about buying a pair of used panties, but somehow never got around to doing it. Lately though, the urge to own a used pair was so overwhelming. I browsed through various panty selling websites and individual profiles. Having had no previous experience I wasn't entirely sure who to buy from. This difficult question was easily answered when I came across Foxxy's amazing website.

I could see the genuine effort she had put into it and the pleasure she got from providing this service. I sent her an email asking a few question about her service. Her replies were prompt, personal with a whole lot of cheeky banter. Now that the most difficult question about who to buy from was settled, the next question was which panty should I select....Foxxy has such an amazing collection for sale.

Although I love nothing more than a lady in thongs, I decided I would go for one of the full backs. These offer that much more material to capture her essence. They allow more of her scent to be captured...not just her wonderful juices, but also her natural scent from those lovely, round and soft butt cheeks that make up her sexy derriere.

Once the style was settled, it was time to pick the material. This was easy. I chose cotton because I figured cotton was most likely to retain her scent for the longest possible period. Finally, I had to pick a color. I went for a light color so that I would be able to see the lovely stains her juices would leave on her crotch. I placed my order and patiently awaited their arrival.

As I am overseas they took a couple of weeks to arrive. WOW!!!..not only were they worth the wait, but they were worth every cent and more. It was not just the panties that were wonderful. It was the whole experience from initial inquiry, to order process and delivery with personalised note that all made it so wonderful. Not to mention all the cheeky, fun and sweet correspondence in between.

Here is a picture of the lovely panties clearly showing the stains. Yummmmyyyy!! :)

Here I am being grateful for the panty treat...an erection never lies :)








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